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It is our goal at GPD to have a return policy that is beneficial to our customers and us. Changes in the market have forced us to invoke a strict return policy. Our return policy is designed to be easy, quick and effective. Please read and follow the policy below!

  • All returns are to be shipped to Macon warehouse unless otherwise specified.

GPD Returns
3279 Avondale Mill Rd
Macon, Ga. 31216

  • Product may not be returned in lieu of payment.
  • All products returned must be pre-approved and a Return Authorization Number (RA#) attached.
  • The product must be purchased from GPD.
  • GPD is not responsible for any product returned without a Return Authorization Number (RA#).
  • Product returned to GPD without prior approval will be refused and returned freight collect.
  • Each pallet or container must be clearly marked with the Return Authorization Number(RA#).
  • The product must be returned freight prepaid by the customer.
  • All Products must have been purchased within the last 24 months.
  • All products should be labeled as to what type of return it is. For example, new returns should be labeled new. Please refer to the warranty policy for warranty returns.
  • Extended GPD Warehouses are unable to acept return product, all product must be returned to Macon, GA.
  • Some products purchased may not be eligible for return. These non-returnable products include refrigerants, chemicals, special ordered products or products that are obsolete or superceded. For a list of products that are eligible for return please contact your GPD salesperson.
  • Product returned as new should be in its original packaging, clean, and in resaleable condition. If repackaging is required, an additional 25% restocking fee will be charged.
  • Product that is delivered locally should be returned immediately. Product returned 10 days after the delivery date is subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  • Installed products or products that have been tampered with, such as broken security tape, GPD Identification removed from product or resealed boxes, are non-returnable.
  • Customers account must be current before GPD will accept any type of returns.
  • DO NOT deduct any new or warranty credits from payments to be made to GPD until those credits are reflected on a monthly statement. Failure to do this may lead to an interruption on your account.


All GPD products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year. GPD’s liability is limited to the replacement of any part found to be defective according to the “Manufacturers Standard”. Claims for labor and indirect or consequential damage or loss will not be covered by GPD.

GPD’s Warranty Return requirements:

  • Product may not be returned on lieu of payment.
  • Products must be purchased from GPD.
  • Products returned to GPD must have a Return Authorization number (RA#) attached.
  • A brief description of the malfunction of the product should be attached to the product,
  • along with the name and/or the account number of the purchaser. “Defective” is not
  • descriptive enough!
  • Warranty will not be given for product that has been altered, damaged in transit, midhandled, misused or abused.
  • Products denied warranty by GPD or the manufacture will be returned to the warranty
  • applicant freight collect.
  • Extended GPD warehouses are unable to accept warranty product, all warranty product must be returned to Macon, GA.
  • Customer is responsible for freight charges.

Here are a few examples of products that will be denied warranty:

  • Compressors that have failed due to “black death” contamination.
  • Heater cores and Radiators that have failed due to electrolysis.
  • Compressors and/or compressor clutches that have failed due to excessive head pressures. Eg. The most common falures are scroll compressors where the condenser has not been replaced.


GPD will allow a 1 for 1 exchange for up to 5% of the customers year to date net purchases. Return requests over 5% may be eligible for a 2 for 1 exchange. All products eligible for the exchange must have been purchased from GPD within the last 24 months. A list of the parts to be returned must be submitted for review by October 1, 2015. Some products purchased may not be eligible for exchange. These non-exchangeable products include but are not limited to refrigerants, chemicals, special ordered products, or products that are obsolete or superseded. For a list of products that are eligible for exchange please contact your GPD salesperson. All products must be returned in original packaging and in resalable condition. An order must be placed with GPD prior to GPD issuing a Return Authorization Number (RA#). The customer is responsible for the freight on any product returned for exchange. GPD will be responsible for the freight on the off-setting order. Lastly, the customer’s account must be current to take advantage of the exchange program.


All Payments are due Net 30. Dated billing payments are due on the 15th of the month per dated terms. All accounts terms that are not paid within 30 days of the due date may see an interruption on the account and suspension of access to the GPD web catalog. The account will be re-established only when the total account has been paid to current status. For accounts receiving discounts and/or terms that make payments with a credit card, there will be a 3% service fee added to the payment. Please contact your Regional Sales Manager for more information.


At GPD we strive to keep price changes to a minimum. However, when the occasions do arise where we must adjust our prices we notify all of our customers by an e-mail that is sent out weekly. At some point in 2015 we plan to make these notices available to you through the GPD website. When these notifications become available on the website we will notify all customers via the GPD weekly e-mail. If you are not currently receiving the GPD weekly e-mail you need to contact your salesperson so they can get your e-mail address added to the list!! It is the responcibility of the customer to ensure that the pricing for GPD product is accurate and up to date.


GPD wants to ensure the quick and safe delivery of all stock orders to our customers. The title of the product ownership from GPD to our customers occurs at the time the product leaves a GPD facility en-route to the customer. If a product arrives at a GPD customer’s facility damaged, the customer is responsible for filing a claim with the freight carrier that delivered the product. When the freight arrives at your door, you should first perform a visual inspection for the following: 1. Shipping carton is intact and strapped to the pallet (straps are yellow or black) 2.Clear shrink wrap is intact and tightly wrapped. 3.Radiators are stacked standing up and wrapped tightly with clear shrink wrap. If straps are broken or not present or shrink is broken or lose, you will need to inspect your freight before accepting a “clear” delivery. However, if you have persistent issues with any one carrier please contact the GPD Customer Service Manager so we can address the issue with the carrier.

When you receive LTL Freight (Less Than Truckload)

  • Inspect freight before signing freight bill.
  • Note on freight bill any physical damage at time of delivery. Be specific when noting damages, for example list quantity, part number, and brief description of damaged product. If you suspect concealed damage, please retain the driver and open immediately. If driver refuses to wait, sign freight bill “Subject to Inspection.”
  • You must have driver sign your copy of freight bill where damage is noted.
  • Call carrier and report claim immediately.
  • Damaged product is subject to inspection by the freight carrier. Do not discard damaged product until claim is settled.

When you receive Parcel Freight (UPS, DHL, Diligent Delivery, Advantage Logistics, MGC, Lonestar Overnight, On Trac, Eastern Connection and US Cargo)

  • Before signing for acceptance, inspect product for any physical damage.
  • Open any boxes that appear to have been dropped, torn or re-taped to check for missing parts or concealed damage.
  • Point out any damages to delivery driver and have it notated on manifest, delivery receipt, etc.
  • Call carrier and report claim immediately.
  • Damaged product is subject to inspection by freight carrier. Do not discard damaged product until claim is settled.


Visible Damage

  • 1. Before signing the delivery receipt, inspect your freight for possible damages
  • 2. When accepting damaged freight, place a written notation on the delivery receipt. Please include the following information: Specific items damaged, part number and quantity, and value of damaged items. Also briefly describe the damage (crushed, punctured, wet, etc.).
  • 3. DO NOT ACCEPT freight that is damaged beyond repair. Note on freight bill “Damaged Refused” and briefly describe the damage. Please contact GPD immediately.
  • 4. Photographs of damaged freight are helpful, and required for damages exceeding values above $200.

Concealed Damage

  • 1. When a shipment is delivered with no visible damage but damage is discovered at a later time, the following steps should be taken:
  • a)Leave the packaging intact and notify the carrier immediately, contact must be within 24 hours via phone and submitted in writing within 10 days. Request that an inspection be made as soon as possible if the value exceeds $200.
  • b)Do not alter the contents of the package until the inspection is made or the claim is settled.
  • c)On the freight bill, record the date and name of the person you contacted. If the inspection has been waived, file the claim with the carrier immediately.
  • d)Photograph the damages during the carrier inspection or after the inspection has been waived. Submit photos with claim.


  • 1. Examine the freight, verify proper piece and/or pallet count.
  • 2. Determine the number of items missing and note on freight bill or delivery receipt.
  • 3. Notify carrier immediately after shortage is discovered.
  • 4. If carrier cannot locate missing freight within 72 hours, initiate claim procedures with carrier.
  • Report lost or missing product to the GPD Customer Service Manager. Upon request, replacement parts can be sent out at the customers’ expense until product is recovered or claim is settled.
  • Shipping Discrepancies

    Any claims of shipping discrepancies (shortages, mis-pulls, etc.) are to be made within 10 business days of receipt, in order to be considered for credit. Please report these claims to a GPD customer service manager by phone at 1-800-722-5089 ext 6308 or email to


    Prepaid freight minimum is $2,000.00 shipped to a single location within the continental U.S. Prepaid freight will only be sent from the Macon, GA warehouse.


    It is our goal at GPD to provide quick, accurate service for all orders. To help us please consider the following:

    All Daily Stock Orders of $2,000 or more should be placed by 1:00 PM EST for same day shipping. Please allow extra time for larger (weekly or monthly) stock orders.

    Orders received by the following times will be shipped the same day.

    Stock orders will only be shipped from the Macon Warehouse.


    • UPS Ground Shipments- 5 PM EST
    • UPS Air Services (NDA, 2nd Day Air, 3 Day Select, etc)- 4 PM EST
    • Diligent Delivery- 5PM EST (service only available to some areas)
    • Federal Express- (All Services)-4PM EST
    • Advantage Delivery and Logistics – 3PM EST (Service available to some areas)


    • UPS (All services) - 4:30 PM EST

    Oklahoma City-05

    • UPS (All services) - 4:30 PM CST
    • Lonestar- 4:00 PM CST


    • UPS (All services) - 4 PM EST
    • Advantage Delivery Logistics- 4:30 PM EST (service only available to some areas)


    • UPS (All services) - 4:30 PM EST


    • UPS (All services) - 4:00 PM PST
    • On Trac Next Day Air Service, CA, Arizona, Las Vegas, and Reno - 4:30 PM PST
    • On Trac Next Day Air Service, Major Metropolitan Cities in UT, OR, WA - 1:00 PM PST


    • UPS (All services) - 4:00 PM EST
    • Eastern Connection - 5:00 PM EST
    • US Cargo - 4:00 PM EST

    ***Please Note***
    Do not hesitate to place an order with GPD, even after the times listed above. GPD will make every effort to process every order.